15 Fall Marketing Ideas for IT Companies

Posted on Sep 29, 2015 · 1 Comment

There are about 10 realistic working weeks between now and the December holidays. Use these fall marketing tips to help you finish 2015 strong.

Reach Out to Old Contacts

  • Identify the 10 most common support questions you get and write articles about them to use in your email newsletter — or just tap into Presstacular's library of pre-written articles. These topics will be highly relevant to your audience and position you as reliable resource.
  • If your contact list is large, say over 500 names, organize it into multiple lists like prospects/clients or industry. Segmenting your email list can help focus your message to be more relevant. For smaller lists, it is easier to keep everyone on one list or two (prospects/clients).

Learn What Your Market Wants

  • Use a giveaway to learn about your audience. Here's an interesting example: Nikole Gipps of That Super Girl, who does tech support and online services for small businesses, held a series of giveaways for her email list. She offered a new giveaway in an email blast every week, usually a business-oriented book. She used the contest to learn more about her audience and what appealed to them by gauging the interest level in each book that she gave away.
  • Survey your clients about new services that you are considering adding. Doing a bit of market research about what your clients want will guide you to the most profitable path for your business.

Build Credibility

  • Gather testimonials. They are a great marketing tool and boost your credibility. Offer to write a few words if clients don't have the time to write their own. They can easily tweak what you provide as starter text.
  • Interview your top 5 clients to create case studies that you can share with prospects. Case studies allow a prospect to see how you have solved IT problems for companies like them.

Source Referrals

  • After your conversation with clients to get testimonials or case studies, ask them if they know someone who could use help with their IT. Your top clients are always willing to help and you might find several leads just by asking.
  • Start a sales lead spreadsheet that tracks your leads, proposals and how many actually become clients. This way you will have hard numbers showing what your pipeline needs to look like to close a certain number of sales. When you have this data you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

Look Up-to-Date

  • Prune your content and remove anything outdated, or rewrite it to keep it fresh. Maybe you can repurpose an old blog post into a webinar, or extend it into a white paper. The fall is a good time to release this revamped content because people are more focused.
  • Conduct a mobile audit. Are all of your webpages mobile-friendly? People are increasingly using the Internet on mobile devices and it has become vital to accommodate this.
  • If you've been thinking about updating your web site, find a template and just knock it out over an afternoon. WordPress is a great choice for those who may not be experts at web development. There are thousands of themes to choose from so you can customize your new site to fit your needs.

Create Awareness

  • The weather is getting chillier, making it a great time to cozy up inside with a book. Send out a reading list (or even buy a book and send it to hot prospects). Start your list by thinking about your clients' frequent questions and concerns. These are the topics they are interested in learning, so create your reading list accordingly.
  • Give away drawstring backpacks printed with "IT Powered By <your logo>" or just your logo along with a letter saying "I thought I'd help make your fall getaways a little easier — use this foldable backpack on day trips."
  • Hold a lunch and learn about a specific IT topic like spotting phishing attacks. You can educate your prospects and have a casual way to network with one event.
  • Show how your team has fun. Go outside and enjoy the foliage, carve pumpkins, or have your team take part in some other seasonal activity. Take photos of your team and share with prospects and clients with notes on projects you are working on. These are also great for sharing on social media and give your company a human face and personality.

Bottom line: get started now. If you wait, November will roll by and you'll say "I'll just start marketing in 2016" and then put it off again. There is no magic bullet or "set it and forget it" approach to growing your business. Contact us if you would like to chat about IT marketing ideas that can accelerate your efforts.