2016 Year-End MSP Marketing Action Items

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The end of the year brings a unique opportunity to connect with all of your contacts with well-timed marketing messages. Even if companies slow down for the holidays, they still appreciate hearing about things they should be thinking about.

Use these strategic year-end marketing action items to close 2016 strong and lay a solid foundation to launch into 2017.

1. Send a Holiday eCard with Your Support Hours

This tip piggyback's on our Thanksgiving holiday marketing recommendation last month. Tell all of your contacts, including those who are not yet clients, what your support hours will be during the holiday season.

Doing so gives you the opportunity to offer support to contacts who may need some IT help when their current provider is unavailable.

Making your holiday postcard using Presstacular or Curated Newsletters takes just 5 minutes, maybe less. This video shows you exactly how to do it:

2. Share 2017 End-of-Support Deadlines

Unless you closed every deal you pitched this year, you have names of people who did not sign up for your services. Stay in touch with them—all year round.

So many IT companies stop communicating with prospects after they get a "no" or are unable to reach them for follow up. Don't give up! If they picked another company, that's still okay. They may have an IT issue that their new provider can't fix. If you stay top-of-mind by providing valuable information constantly, they will think of you when they are in a pinch.

A perfect piece of insight that you can share is Microsoft's 2017 end-of-support schedule. Microsoft will no longer support Office 2007 and several other business applications next year. No further security updates will leave computers using this software vulnerable to attack. Tell your contacts exactly what's ending so they can make the necessary upgrades.

Here's what happened when one of our clients sent an end-of-support note to his contacts (prospects and clients):

"We sent an email newsletter using Presstacular on a Tuesday morning and had closed $25,000 in new business by that Friday. We've tried other services. Presstacular provides us with the fastest, easiest way to create and publish our company newsletter, email campaigns and blog. The content is solid, not fluff." - Joe Svoboda, CEO, The Miller Group. St. Louis, Missouri.

This marketing strategy works!

Presstacular clients: select Computers

3. Talk About Cloud Security

Although more and more businesses are storing data in the cloud, it's not a forgone conclusion that all clouds are safe. There are further precautions companies can take to add greater security to their cloud storage. We've found five easy-to-implement strategies. Mention these to your contacts.

Presstacular clients: select Cloud, Security & Privacy

4. Show How to Safeguard an Internet Connection

Easy tech tips go a long way, especially if your market is non-technical people. This type of advice is often shared on social media and can spread the word about your IT services. Even if you have shared a related tip a while ago, sending a reminder can help reinforce your expertise and keep your contacts out of harm's way.

Some ideas to share:

Protecting a Wireless Network

Many small to mid-size businesses use wireless networks in their work environment. These networks can be easily hacked. We've identified 11 different ways to lock down a network to protect against potential hackers.

Presstacular clients: select Wireless, Security & Privacy

Keeping Spyware Off Computers

Creeping through an internet connection, spyware, a form of malware, can run virtually undetected until it wreaks havoc on the computer operating system. Learn important preventative measures to keep spyware off computers.

Presstacular clients: select Security & Privacy

Securing Devices Using Public Wi-Fi

Connecting a laptop to the free wi-fi available in airports is a common occurrence. However, doing so can be hazardous. Know the steps that can be taken to secure a laptop while using free airport wi-fi.

Presstacular clients: select Mobile, Security & Privacy

5. Do What You Do Best, Outsource the Rest

Your clients hire you because it is more effective to outsource their IT than to hire someone in-house or to do it themselves. It's the same reason you contract out legal or accounting services.

Marketing is no different.

If you're not a marketing expert, use our tools to do the heavy lifting: your newsletter, blog, website content. We love writing and we're good at it. Plus, our writers have an IT background and we vet our content through a journalistic editorial process.

Our products take the pain and guesswork out of IT marketing.

Want more MSP marketing ideas? Watch our free webinar:

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