7 Good Opening Sentences for MSP Marketing Campaigns

Posted on May 23, 2016 · No Comments

When you send an MSP marketing campaign, your email's subject line and opening sentence play a big role in whether your recipient will take action.

Here are 7 strong opening sentences for your MSP marketing campaigns that include call-to-action text to help you start more conversations with your email newsletter.

Note that you'll need to include newsletter articles (i.e., links to the articles) right after the opening text. Presstacular can provide you with just about everything you need - just point and click and you'll be done in 5 minutes.

good opening sentences

The Formula for Strong Opening Sentences

Strong opening lines follow a formula for success:

  1. Personalized opening (Hi <firstname>) - this is proven to increase email response rates.
  2. Helpful tip related to the email's subject line and newsletter content – note this is not a sales pitch!
  3. Call-to-action to get your recipients to reach out to you.
  4. Your contact information so they don't have to hunt for your phone number.
  5. After this opening structure, include your newsletter's content with a link to the full article so you can track who’s actually reading it – this is very important so you know who to follow up with.

Examples of Good Opening Sentences

Use these opening sentences as guidelines to create strong ones of your own:

New Virus Alert

Hi <firstname>, there's a new nasty virus that masks itself as a Word macro and encrypts your data till you pay up. We'll show you how to stay protected.

Know anyone in your network who could benefit from some professional IT help? Please consider referring us. Thank you!

<your contact info, then the newsletter's text>

Web Browser Exploits

Hi <firstname>, did you know your web browser could be exploited for an attack?

​Contact us and we can run a security scan to make sure your systems are safe.

<your contact info, then the newsletter's text>

Ransomware Threat

Hi <firstname>, more companies are having their files encrypted by hackers who demand a ransom to get your data back.

​Don't be a victim. Contact us to learn how to protect your company.

<your contact info, then the newsletter's text>

Security Related to End-of-Support

Hi <firstname>, here are some helpful tips on making your PC faster, plus security news about Apple's QuickTime for Windows and what hackers are planning next.

Do you have a question about your computers? Contact us today!

<your contact info, then the newsletter's text>

Productivity Improvements

Hi <firstname>, Here's something that can help you and your team be more productive everyday: a list of keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10.

Know someone who could use computer help? We'd greatly value a referral! Please connect us with your friends.

<your contact info, then the newsletter's text>

Upcoming Free Upgrade Deadline

Hi <firstname>, in a few weeks, Microsoft will no longer offer Windows 10 as a free upgrade.

Don't miss the chance to bring all of your computers up-to-date. We can help you get set up very quickly. Call us today before the deadline gets too close.

<your contact info, then the newsletter's text>

Making Your PC Run Faster

Hi <firstname>, is your computer feeling a little sluggish? Here are 5 easy ways to make it faster. Contact us for help!

<your contact info, then the newsletter's text>.

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