9 Tips to Get More High Quality LinkedIn Connections

Posted on Dec 07, 2015 · No Comments

getting more high quality linkedin connections

LinkedIn can help you identify and reach out to people who could be prospects for your MSP business – or help connect you to others looking for IT services. Here are 9 tips to help you make the most of your LinkedIn experience:

  1. Always include a professional-looking photo of yourself. Users with photographs get more traction than those who display an icon or do not have a photo. Think about how you would react to a contact request from a LinkedIn user that did not show their photograph? You might be suspicious about their authenticity.
  2. Use a descriptive LinkedIn profile title that defines what you do professionally, not just your job title. Profile titles like “Atlanta IT support” tell LinkedIn users exactly what you provide much more than simply “Manager, ABC Systems.”
  3. Enhance your LinkedIn profile description by embedding keywords within the details of your background. LinkedIn takes your profile’s content into account when it determines who to display when someone does a search.
  4. Join groups that comprise your target market. Sure, being on LinkedIn’s MSP groups is very handy when you want to meet and talk with others in the MSP business. Take it a step further by participating in other groups that could potentially use your services, like local lawyers, accountants, human resource firms and so on.
  5. Update your status periodically to let your contacts know what’s going on. Maybe you released a new IT blog post, got a new client, or will be presenting a seminar. Spread the news. Some of your contacts might find it worth passing along to their network. Many Presstacular users automatically post status updates every time they add a new blog.
  6. Share articles you find to be interesting. You don’t have to write a blog post to stay connected. Post links to useful material written by someone else. Do this in relevant LinkedIn groups and on your profile’s status update. Your post might start a dialog that can lead to business opportunities.
  7. Accept new connection requests from people you don’t know but only if they seem relevant. The last thing you want is to accept a request from someone who immediately tries to sell you something. Be a little choosey.
  8. Upgrade to a paid version of LinkedIn to take advantage of its advanced search features. You can look for potential clients or partners by adding search criteria such as industry, company size, job role and more.
  9. Use InMail to reach out to people you want to meet. LinkedIn’s paid versions give you a certain number of InMail credits each month. If a contact accepts your InMail, LinkedIn will credit it back to you.