April 2016 MSP Marketing Action Items

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More than one quarter of 2016 is already behind us. We've already seen quite a few computer security issues this year, especially with the rash of ransomware that is causing havoc for many organizations.

Be mindful of using too many security-related news items to stay in touch with your prospects. They could become immune to the alerts if that's all they see. So, when a really important alert comes out, they may not appreciate its magnitude and overlook it.

Include a mix of computer tips into your marketing to balance out the security notices. This creates a more positive, empowering feeling in your outreach.

Here are some specific ideas for April 2016.

1. Advise Your Clients on the Difference between Sleep Mode and Shut down

One question that many non-technical people wonder about is whether to put their computer in sleep mode or to shut it down at the end of the day. Tell your prospects about the pros and cons of each. This gives you an opportunity to talk about remote monitoring and management so they don't have to worry about the latest security updates and patches. When you share an article like this and identify which of your prospects is actually reading it (for example, using the live reporting feature in Presstacular), you create a very logical path to discuss your managed IT services.

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2. Recommend Password Management Tools and Educate Your Clients on the Variety of Ways They Can Use It

Many IT companies are recommending password management tools so clients don't have the risk of using the same password for every site they access and they don't have to memorize a whole slew of passwords. Password managers can be used to store a lot of other information as well. Teach your clients and prospects other ways they can leverage these tools to keep their private information secure.

Side note: you can also share another tip with them... how to avoid creating weak passwords.

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3. Alert Your Clients of the Need to Upgrade Their Microsoft SQL Server

If you provide software development services or work with tools that use Microsoft's SQL server, let your contacts know that as of mid-April, Microsoft stopped supporting SQL server 2005. That means no more security patches so if they are running this older version of SQL, they should upgrade right away or they risk getting hacked.

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4. Plan a Lunch and Learn Session on Phishing

Start thinking about hosting a lunch and learn to educate your prospects on one of the most common ways companies get hacked: phishing. You can host your lunch and learn at your office or at local restaurants. Read our blog or watch our video on how to do it - and maybe even get one of your partners to pay for it. Teaching people how to spot phishing attacks is a relatively easy and very valuable way to build trust -- and people buy from those they trust.

Video: How to Host a Lunch and Learn

Free Marketing Plan Template

Would you like a free marketing plan template to follow for the remainder of 2016? Presstacular publishes a 12-Month IT Marketing Plan Template that can be your starting point. It is a Word document that you can edit to create your own customized IT marketing plan. Schedule a demo of Presstacular and mention the marketing plan and we will give it to you free.