August 2016 MSP Marketing Action Items

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August is an ideal time to get your marketing in gear. This is often a time when business might be a little slow because of vacation schedules. Take some time off to recharge your batteries and relax, but also use the time to outline your tactics for growth. That way, when your prospects are back in September, you can execute your plan to capture more business.

Record your ideas and connect the dots

Personally, I find that sitting on a beach and listening to the ocean waves wash up on the shore gets me in a relaxed state of mind that allows me to think very clearly. Compare that to being in the office where there are so many things coming at you at once like client emergencies, staff meetings, and other interruptions.

Go some place where you can have your own little retreat, where you are not distracted. I keep a notepad and pen near me whether I'm on the beach or catching up on my reading on a slow Sunday morning at home. It allows me to capture random ideas and then connect the dots to create a marketing campaign for ending 2016 strong.

In addition to our recommended Top 10 Marketing Activities that you can do on a weekend or during vacation, here are marketing options for August 2016 to align your growth strategy with your prospects' needs.

Think about how to show prospects that investing in cybersecurity is a wise business practice

Even small businesses can fall prey to cybercriminals. The average cost of even a single cyberattack is almost $55,000! Small businesses must to be prepared. Show your prospects how hiring you may save them thousands of dollars and possibly even their business.

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Do your prospects realize that cybercriminals pose as executives, suppliers and other business related vocations to scam businesses out of their money? These Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams have been reported all over the country as well as internationally. Make sure they know how to spot a scam.

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Inform your clients of the rampant ransomware called Crysis. Powerful enough to infect Windows, Macs and some VMware virtual machines, it spreads in several different ways. Once in the system, Crysis is used to compromise privacy, and lock data, only retrievable if a ransom is paid. It easily regenerates when the victim logs into the system, making it difficult to remove. Financial and healthcare institutions have been the main target of this debilitating virus but now other industries are being targeted as well. Let your clients know what harm Cyrsis causes, how it is spread and how they can protect themselves from it.

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Supply your client with important tips that save them time and money

There are some great tips that many individuals are not aware of. Chances are many of your prospects use an iPhone. But, do they know how to make the battery last longer? We've identified 10 different tweaks to extend the battery of the iPhone.

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Do your clients know that archiving their emails improves productivity and increases the performance of Outlook 2016? Clue them in on how to archive whether it be by setting up the built-in feature or doing it manually.

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Ready-to-use marketing plan and IT content

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