Fall 2016 MSP Marketing Action Items

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October is National Cyber Security Awareness month. As a managed service provider, making your contacts aware of cyber security awareness is a year-round activity. Use this national campaign as a good reminder for prospects and clients to stay current on the latest news and advice.

Pass Along Up-to-Date Security Information

By now you are probably aware that in September 2016 Yahoo confirmed a data breach of 500 million of its user accounts. The breach took place nearly two years earlier in 2014 and included the users' names, email addresses, passwords and birth dates. No credit card data was confiscated.

In the aftermath of the massive hack job on Yahoo, make sure to know the implications for you or your clients. We've highlighted key factors to keep in mind about the data breach.

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Part of maintaining safe cyber security is knowing what popular security advice is misleading or ineffective. We've identified 6 data security practices that may be considered useful, but in reality, just won't work.

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Did you know that hackers may use a simple phone call or office visit to get access to sensitive information? Learn how they can manipulate unknowing employees by using social engineering to impersonate administrators.

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Start Talking About 2017 Plans

Remind your clients that budgeting for hardware and software upgrades is smart business. Allocating funds for appropriate updates will save them time and money by increasing efficiency and productivity. We’ve highlighted 5 different ways to save in 2017.

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For your newsletter, use this text as your opening line:

<firstname>, fall is an ideal time to review your IT for upgrades and security that you may need in 2017. Taking action now might also reduce your 2016 taxes (check with your accountant).

How does your calendar look next week for a quick review?

Highlight These Useful Tips

Time is money and particular habits that employees may use could result in needless effort. We’ve highlighted some quick remedies such as keyboard shortcuts, automating manual tasks and speeding up the internet connection that will save time and create a better workflow.

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Even when working hard to maintain safe files, unfortunately, they still can get corrupted. Does your client understand how this happens and what to do when it occurs? Provide them with tips on what to try on their own and when it's time to call the IT professional.

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Stop Doing $10/Hour Work Yourself

Your clients hire you because you're an IT expert. If you are trying to do marketing on your own, you may be wasting a lot of time, which means you're reducing the time you spend with your family, friends and doing other things you enjoy.

Don't forgo marketing because you don't have the time. Outsource it using Presstacular. We've developed products specifically with you in mind including our pre-written IT marketing plan template (contact Presstacular for a free copy).

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