February 2016 IT Marketing Action Items

Posted on Feb 11, 2016 · No Comments

We are already more than a month into 2016. If one of your goals was to grow your business this year, implementing a targeted marketing plan will help you get there. Here are our specific IT marketing recommendations for February 2016.

1. Offer a Downloadable Guide on Your Website

One of the most effective ways to get a web visitor to fill out your contact form is to offer an incentive. Instead of the standard "Contact Us" page, update your heading text to read "Download our free guide on protecting your data" and put your form below it. This provides a strong pathway to convert a visitor to your website into a potential lead.

When someone fills out your contact form, send them your guide and then follow up. You can automate this entire process using Presstacular guides and marketing automation tools. Just copy/paste the sign-up form code from your account onto your website and update your automated welcome note to include the guide. When a web visitor fills out your form, we will verify they entered a valid email address and then send them the guide and notify you of your new lead instantly.

Presstacular Gold and Platinum clients: select a guide from the list we sent to you

2. Alert your contacts about Cryptojoker

In the latest string of ransomeware titled "crypto-something," Cryptojoker is no joke for anyone affected by this malicious code.

Explain what Cryptojoker is, how it targets computers, what happens if you get infected and how to avoid being a victim. When you share educational insights to help your contacts stay safe from the technology dangers that are constantly looming, you will create a tighter bond and build on your trust reputation.

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3. Share a Tip on Why Their Printer Might Not Print

Your clients rely on you to diagnose and fix their computer problems. One common issue you might hear is "my printer won't print." There are lots of reasons why this could happen. Tell them the primary causes and offer a few tips on what they can try on their own.

This can help them with issues they might be having with their home printer, not just one at the office. Who knows - they might even pay you extra to help them solve other tech issues they didn't know you could help with.

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4. Attend Q1 networking events

Most local associations have already started having their winter and spring events. If you haven't registered for any of them yet, talk to your best clients. You might already have a support call scheduled with them. During the call, ask which business networking events they're going to this month.

Example: if you are pursuing accountants as part of your strategy, go to a local accounting association event to meet prospects, exchange business cards and ask if they would be interested in a copy of one of your articles on ransomeware, like Cryptojoker, so they keep their data protected.

Free Marketing Plan Template

Would you like a free template to create your 2016 marketing plan? Presstacular publishes a 12-Month IT Marketing Plan Template that can be your starting point. It is a Word document that you can edit to create your own customized IT marketing plan. Schedule a demo of Presstacular and mention the marketing plan and we will give it to you free.