How to Ask for a Client Testimonial

Posted on Feb 22, 2016 · No Comments

Client testimonials are a powerful marketing tool. They create credibility with your prospects and show that other people are enjoying your services. However, it can be daunting to request a favor from a client.

The 3 Ideal Times to Ask for a Client Testimonial

While you can ask for a client testimonial at any point during your client relationship, there are three times that are most ideally suited. The timing of your request will can an impact and how good a testimonial you get.

1. Right After They Compliment You

A perfect time to ask for the client testimonial is immediately after a they praise your results. If you are on a support call or in their office hoping fix a problem and they say something like "thanks so much for fixing this – you really saved my day," acknowledge their gratitude and say this:

Thanks for the positive feedback! I'm glad we were able to help get the issue resolved  quickly. I was curious, would you be open to giving us a testimonial about what it's like working with us?

Since they just complimented you before you made your request, they are happy and emotionally invested because of your performance. Asking them for a testimonial at that very moment is a very smooth transition.  They have already indicated that they are happy with your work, so there is a good chance they will agree.

Train your support desk staff to do this regularly and you will collect a lot of useful testimonials very quickly.

2. After You Complete a Project

The end of a project is also a natural segue into a conversation about getting a testimonial. This could happen at any time during your engagement with your client– including immediately after your on boarding process. When you see visual cues or hear verbal comments about how happy your client is with your work, ask your question:

I'm glad to see that you are pleased with the project and our responsiveness. Would you be open to giving us a testimonial about what it's like working with us?

At this point the client has worked with you over the course of an entire project, so they are in a good place to testify to your skills.

3. Before They Sign Your Contract (When They are Still an MSP Lead)

Another really good time to ask for a testimonial is before dear customer has signed a contract with you. At this point, they are still an MSP prospect. at one of your prospect meetings, say this:

One of the goals of our team is to provide such amazing IT support and service that you'll rave about your experience. Would you be open to giving us a testimonial if we do a great job for you?

Think about how powerful this pre-sales message is. It shows that you are so confident right from the beginning and that you will do a job that merits a client testimonial. This tactic sends a very strong subliminal message to your MSP prospects. Not only are you self-assured, but you are focused on doing praiseworthy work.