How to Create Blogs Really Fast

Posted on Nov 16, 2015 · No Comments

What an IT Blog Can Do for MSP Marketing

Adding an IT Blog can transform your MSP website from brochureware to an educational resource for IT support. It gives you an opportunity to create many web pages that are related to your IT services. Rather than having a single page with an overview of what you do, or even a specific page on, say, data backup, you can have web pages that cover the nuances of data backup such as how to choose a provider, files you should backup nightly, data security issues, business continuity, and remote access.

This creates numerous opportunities for other sites to link to yours. The more inbound links you have, the more relevant your site appears to Google, which means you increase your chances of improving your search engine rank.

How to Produce Relevant IT Content Quickly

To make your blog interesting to prospects, you will need to post more than news about your company. People will tune out if you only talk about yourself.

write blogs fast

Write about the technology issues that your clients and prospects face. Here is how to come up with relevant IT blog ideas very quickly:

  1. Ask your team to make a list of the 10 most common questions they got from your clients last month – or just scan your ticket management system.
  2. Write the answer to each question as if you were on the phone or sitting with a client to explain the issue.
  3. Use this format for each response:
    • Start by clarifying the question. If appropriate, describe any background information that the reader would need to know. For example, if one topic was on how to set up two-factor authentication, you could discuss why this is important, the minor inconveniences that it causes, and the major benefits it provides.
    • Include the specific answer to the question. Using bullet points to provide instructions or create a checklist makes your post easier to read. Mention past projects if it makes sense for your topic. This educates the reader, plus provides a real-life example that shows off your expertise.
    • Close with additional information the reader might need to know, such as special considerations or configurations.

Getting Even More Relevant IT Content

By finding 10 questions from last month’s support queue, you will have 10 blog ideas instantly. You can get even more ideas by expanding into the other types of you questions you answered, too.

Think about your sales process. What are the most common questions that you got from prospects in the last 90 days? Drafting responses to such questions adds more weight to your website. You are providing relevant information for the various stages of a prospect’s buying cycle.

Writing Blogs Faster

You can create your IT blogs faster by leveraging outside resources.

  1. Once you have the list of topics using step 1 above, instead of writing out your response, record it as an audio file, just as if you were answering the question live on the phone.
  2. Then, visit or to find a person that you can outsource transcribing your audio files. They are fairly inexpensive and can usually turn around a usable document in a day or two. Some can even provide basic editing so your words flow smoothly.
  3. Finally, polish the text that you get back and then post it to your blog.

Another option that is even faster is to license IT articles that are in line with your MSP business. IT content from services like Presstacular comes ready to use – you can even edit the articles to add a call to action at the bottom. This can save you a tremendous amount of time and headaches with automation options.

Increase Website Traffic Using an Email Newsletter

As you add more useful IT content, your website transforms from being a brochure into becoming a valuable resource for people looking for IT help.

Add a regular newsletter to keep your contacts updated on your new posts. This will drive more traffic back to your MSP website to educate your clients and prospects and reinforce your status as an IT expert.