How to Find Niche Markets That Need Your MSP Services

Posted on May 31, 2016 · No Comments

Most MSP's do not specialize in a particular niche. This could be limiting your growth.

Think about this:

If you were building a deck on your house, would you prefer to hire a company that specialized in building decks or would you rather use a general contractor?

The deck specialist will know more about the newest building materials, deck construction techniques, and design options. Their portfolio will be packed with examples of what they did for clients who had the same concerns and thoughts as you.

They will provide answers to questions that you didn't know to ask. They will show you ways to think about your particular situation and how they solved issues for other similar clients.

Sure, the general contractor may be able to do the great job. But who would you feel more comfortable with? The deck specialist, right?

See Your World Through Your Prospect's Eyes

Now, put yourself in the shoes of one of your prospects. Pretend you are a law firm. Would you feel more comfortable buying computer services from a company that services of all types of businesses or one that focuses just on law firms?

For you, the managed service provider, specializing would mean that you do not take clients that are outside if your specific target market. Turning down business may feel very unnatural and difficult at first. However, as you become known as the specialist in your niche market, you will find that companies that are just like your best clients will gravitate toward you. Word-of-mouth about your company within your niche will spread.

Finding Untapped MSP Niche Markets

As competition for IT services heats up, you need to do things that differentiate your company from others that may look and sound just like you. Niche markets like law firms, medical practices, accounting companies and other well-known industries seem like they would be great options for you - and they very well may be.

The thing is, these well-known markets are very crowded. There are numerous other niche markets that are starved for IT companies to market to their specialty. Finding these niches is a lot easier than you might think.

Pick up a printed copy of your local Yellow Pages. You might have to go to a community library find one since fewer print editions are being published these days.

Scan through the section headings to spot listings that contain many companies. For example, automobile dealerships and repair shops, audiovisual companies, self storage sites, the list goes on. Many of these companies need professionally managed IT services.

You can then tailor your MSP marketing material and lead generation strategy to focus on the nuances of these untapped markets.

Companies prefer to hire specialists to solve their problems rather than generalists. When you specialize, you become known as the expert in that industry. This can open up a whole new market for you to become a leader.