January 2016 IT Marketing Action Items

Posted on Jan 12, 2016 · No Comments

What you do this month can shape the growth of your business this year. Here are our 4 IT marketing recommendations specifically for January 2016.

1. Register for Q1 networking events

To get more clients, you have to meet more people. Most associations have created an events calendar for the first few months of 2016. Identify which events your best clients plan to attend this quarter. Chances are, you will find more people just like them at these meetings. Plus, if your clients are there, they can introduce you to others and even put in a good word about your IT services.

2. Remind people to be vigilant about the security risks of fitness trackers

There are tens of millions of fitness trackers in use. Many of your contacts probably got them as gifts over the holidays. Make them aware that because the devices are connected via bluetooth, they should watch for any exploits that could compromise their personal data, including fitness information.

In fact, you can use an article about this as a unique conversation starter at networking events. When you spot someone wearing a fitness band, casually bring up the concept of security exploits and offer to send them your article. It's little things like this that get prospects to switch from their current IT provider to you because they see you as a more knowledgeable and responsive expert.

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3. Talk about technologies we'll see more of in 2016

You probably see a lot of articles on trends at the beginning of the year. There's a strong reason why you should send one of your own.

Your clients see you as the IT expert. That's why they hired you. And if you show your prospects that you will do all of the heavy IT thinking for them, including staying up-to-date on current trends, they will start trusting you. This means you will increase the chances that they will hire you. Share thoughts on technologies that they should watch for this year.

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4. Warn your contacts about tech support scams

Phishing attacks can occur by phone as well as email. Unsuspecting computer users can be victimized by fast-talking, legitimate-sounding scam artists who take control over their computers and install malware to steal confidential information or turn them into bots.

Warn your contacts about how tech support phone scams work and how to recognize them. You can end the article with a call to action by offering a free lunchtime training session for their staff.

Another warning you can talk about is Dorkbot, often spread through email and social media scams. It has infected over 1 million PCs in 190 countries.

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If you didn't get a chance to do these last month...

  1. This week, Microsoft stopped providing support for certain versions of Internet Explorer. Your contacts who are still using the older versions of IE will be vulnerable to security issues. Use this opportunity to send a security alert that encourages people to contact you. (Presstacular clients: Select Computers)
  2. Some companies may have purchased new equipment in December to reduce their 2015 taxes. Share insights on what they must do when setting up new computers, such as updating pre-installed software. (Presstacular clients: Select Computers) NOTE: you should call up anyone who clicks on this article because they could need your services.
  3. Create a marketing plan for 2016. Presstacular publishes a 12-Month IT Marketing Plan Template that can be your starting point. It is a Word document that you can edit to create your own customized IT marketing plan for 2016. Schedule a demo of Presstacular and mention the marketing plan and we'll give it to you free.

Be sure to review your email marketing reports. They provide insights into who is reading which article so you know whether you should follow up with a prospect.