July 2016 MSP Marketing Action Items

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This summer has seen an uptick in cyber security issues that threaten businesses of all sizes, not just large ones. There's a growing opportunity in protecting companies from new ransomware and sophisticated phishing attacks. See our specific recommendations below to get prospects to ask you for guidance and not your competitors.

Show your clients what a phishing email looks like

Phishing attacks are on the rise and there is no sign of a let up. These attacks are becoming more sophisticated and are not as easy to spot as they once were. Provide your clients with specific things to look for in an email message. We've identified 9 signs that an email is most likely a fraud.

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There is a much greater risk to phishing than mere inconvenience. Ransomware, often installed through a phishing attack, locks computer systems and encrypts data and then demands payment before freeing the information. It is a major threat to all types of businesses. Tell your contacts what you can do to protect their business so they don't become a victim.

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Teach your contacts how to change privacy settings in Windows 10

Windows 10 has the ability to collect a lot of personal data. Built-in privacy controls can eliminate this, if you can find them. Teach your contacts where the controls are located and how to use them so their data is better protected.

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Also, tell them about Windows Update Delivery Optimization (WUDO) and how to limit or stop this option altogether.

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Send one last note about upgrading to Windows 10 before July 29

Microsoft stops providing the Windows 10 free upgrade at the end of the month. For those clients who should upgrade, offer to help them do it before July 29. And for those still using Windows XP, send a quick note that Dropbox is ending support for XP as well so they will have even more security risks with their data if they don't upgrade to a modern operating system.

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