June 2016 MSP Marketing Idea - How to Use Computer Security to Get Referrals

Posted on Jun 09, 2016 · No Comments

As we roll into June 2016, I’d like to show you a strategy to expand your ability to get referrals. First, I’ll share a few things that I recommend you do this month. Then, I’ll tie it all together to show how this can lead to more referrals with your contacts excited about passing along new business opportunities to you.

Continue to Warn Your Contacts About Ransomware

We are seeing numerous reports of ransomware locking up data. All types of organizations are being targeted and the problem has become very serious. As an IT service provider, you have a very timely opportunity to educate your contacts about what to do to protect themselves. Help your contacts understand what ransomware is, why it is so dangerous, and how it spreads. Then, offer options to prevent their organization from becoming a victim and encourage them to reach out to you.

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Recommend Productivity Tips

Most of your clients have been using applications like Outlook for a long time. When a new version comes out, people install it and often think the updates mostly consist of changes to the look and feel. That means they aren't always aware of new features or shortcuts. One example of this is Quick Parts in Outlook.  Tell your contacts about features like this, about keyboard shortcuts, about ways to make your cursor easier to find on the screen, changes in storage for OneDrive. Sharing handy tips like this will make them more productive and strengthen your position as their trusted IT advisor.

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Use a Security Idea to Get More Referrals

Everyone wants strong computer security. They might not be aware the fairly simple process of setting up two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security. Explain the benefits to your current contacts and then offer to set it up for them. This can help start conversations about other services you offer and provides a nice path to asking if they know others who might find two-factor authentication useful. And that can lead to more referrals.

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Did You Notice the Theme Here?

Did you pick up on what we're doing here?  In each of these recommendations, you're providing value to your contacts, which may just be your clients or companies that didn’t hire you. You are subtly encouraging them to reach deeper into their network of contacts because their friends could benefit from your thought leadership. You’re enabling referrals to happen rather than just waiting around for someone to pass on a lead. It’s a win-win-win situation for your clients, their friends and you.

Ready-to-Use Content

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