March 2016 MSP Marketing Action Items

Posted on Mar 15, 2016 · No Comments

There is a big announcement that you can make to your contacts this month to get the phones ringing. Learn exactly what to say, plus learn how to get client testimonials and use loss leaders to attract new clients. Here are our specific IT marketing recommendations for March 2016.

1. Alert your clients that a California hospital paid hackers almost $17,000

Unable to access records, send email or input data, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center saw no other choice than to pay almost $17,000 in ransom to hackers. After 10 days of computer paralysis, the hospital succumbed to the demands of cybercriminals to quickly rectify their deteriorating situation.

Use this costly and unfortunate occurrence to stress how important strong cyber security is to your clients’ organization. This is not the first of its kind nor is it likely the last. Make sure your clients know the specific ways you can help to prevent this from happening to them.

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2. Educate your clients on the safe way to handle frozen applications

There are easy step-by-step instructions to safely restore a computer when an app causes it to freeze. Is your client aware of them? Provide specific instructions to help them quickly restart and get things running once again. Make sure they also know when it’s time to notify you and bring in the experts.

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3. Get five testimonials from clients

Receiving and using testimonials from clients is one of the strongest marketing tools you have. However, once a client has agreed to provide you with a testimonial, do you know what to do next? Watch our videos on exactly how to direct your conversation and craft the content of the testimonial. You will also learn what steps you can take to make the process easy for your client - and you will quickly have five testimonials you can use to show prospective clients all you have to offer.

Video: How to Ask for a Client Testimonial
Video: Customer Testimonial Template

4. Learn how to use loss leaders to convert a prospect into a client

Loss leaders are products or services offered below their cost in order to get a prospect interested in hiring you. MSPs can use loss leaders very effectively. Watch our new video on the clever strategies you can use to convert a prospect who is dragging their feet into a paying client.

Video: How to Use Loss Leaders to Get More MSP Sales

Free MSP Marketing Plan Template

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