May 2016 MSP Marketing Action Items

Posted on May 16, 2016 · No Comments

Just about everyone wants to be more productive. Show your clients and prospects some keyboard shortcuts to save them time and you will continue to solidify your spot as a trusted advisor. May is also a great time to remind them to upgrade to Windows 10 if they haven't already done so since the free upgrade deadline is approaching soon.

And to really go the extra marketing mile this month, find out when local associations are holding their mid-year meeting. Grab a stack of business cards and plan to attend!

Here are your marketing tips for May 2016.

1. Remind Your Clients of the Deadline for their Free Upgrade to Windows 10.

At the end of July, Microsoft will no longer offer the windows 10 upgrade for free. That means anybody who has held off on upgrading should start thinking about it now. You’ve probably already taken care of this for your clients but there’s a huge number people out there haven’t upgraded and may not be aware that the free upgrade opportunity window is closing fast.

Make sure your clients are aware of the deadline coming at the end of July. This also gives you an opportunity to assist them in making sure their current applications are fully compatible with the upgrade.

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2. Provide Your Client With Helpful Computer Hints.

We send a lot of email on behalf of our clients and we do some big data analysis on it to see what works. We consistently find that people like to read tips on how to use popular tools.

Customers love to hear about time-saving tips. Specifically, you might want to explain the many shortcuts you can use with Outlook calendar. We've found at least 7.  There are many other tips you can share with contacts. In fact, Presstacular has point and click articles ready to go.

Use these tips to show your knowledge to gain more trust with your prospects. When they’re ready to buy IT services, they are going to think of you first.

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3. Attend an Association Meeting.

Many associations plan their mid-year meetings around this time of year. These meetings are a great way to network and meet prospects. I’m not talking about going to a tech meeting where other tech companies like yours hang out. I’m talking about meetings of accounting firms, medical practitioners, lawyers, retail store owners, whatever your target market is. Find out what associations your clients are part of and get those mid-year meetings on your calendar. That’s where you will find prospects that are just like your best clients.

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