Start Generating Leads From Your Website in 8 Minutes

Posted on Aug 01, 2016 · No Comments

Here are step-by-step instructions to help you generate leads from your website using Presstacular or Curated Newsletters.

The entire setup below should take about 8 minutes. You'll then have a lead generation process that works for you 24/7. Contact Presstacular's support desk if you need any help.

  1. Select a guide that we provided by email as part of your Presstacular subscription, such as The IT Checkup Checklist. Presstacular Gold customers have access to numerous white papers and guides, such as How to Spot Phishing Attacks and more. You can pick any document that you feel your site's visitors would find useful. The ones we provide are all in Word format so you can customize them with your logo, contact information, client testimonials and project examples.
  2. Save the guide as a PDF and upload it to your website. Don't link it from any other page on your site. We will only email the link to people who sign up for your email list (step 3).
  3. Presstacular creates a sign-up form to collect new leads from your site automatically. Go to Add Members > Get Signup Form > Get Code. You can post this code on your site. Above the code, include some leading text like "Download our guide on The IT Checkup Checklist" so visitors understand the incentive for filling out the form. Here's a mock-up of what this could look like:sample-it-checkup-checklist-sign-up-form
  4. Lastly, update the welcome message people will get when they download the checklist. Go to List > List Settings > Welcome Note and enter the following text in the appropriate fields:
    • Message Subject: Thanks for requesting the IT Checkup Checklist
    • Message Content: Thanks for connecting with us. The link to download our free guide, The IT Checkup Checklist, is below. It will help you to do a quick self-evaluation to see how safe your computer systems are from hackers. Please reply to this email for a complimentary consultation to make sure you are protected from the numerous security threats that are lurking. Meanwhile, we'll stay in touch via our newsletter, which provides timely alerts and useful tips to help keep your organization's technology running smoothly.
    • Return Link Text: Download the guide - The IT Checkup Checklist
    • Return Link URL: <enter the URL of the PDF you uploaded to your site>
    • Click Save to store your updates. This sets up your Presstacular account and website to bring in new leads 24/7 from your web visitors. It is an incentive for someone to fill out a website contact form and connect with you.
  5. Go to Account > Account Settings > Notifications and select "yes" for the question "Email me each time an address signs up?"  This way, everytime someone fills out this form, you are alerted by email so you can follow up appropriately.

You can also use The IT Checkup Checklist or any of the other guides that are included with your Presstacular subscription as a handout when you meet prospects and clients at sales meetings, trade shows, and webinars or seminars that you give - and even at lunch and learns that you host.

If you're not using Presstacular...

We have a few different options for you if you are not currently using Presstacular to manage your IT marketing. Please contact us and we'll be happy to share ideas that could work for you.