Your October 2015 MSP Marketing Checklist

Posted on Oct 08, 2015 · No Comments

MSP Marketing is a lot easier when you have a checklist. Here are 3 recommendations for October to help you start dialogs that generate more sales.


1. Share insights on fingerprint security.

Last month, the U.S. government announced that 5.6 million fingerprint records were stolen along with other valuable data from the breach they announced earlier this year. Since many of your clients have iPhones that use fingerprint scanning for security, they may be wondering what could happen if their fingerprint data was stolen. Send a note to your contacts to educate them about the risks of fingerprint IDs.

2. Drop a hint about outgrowing existing IT infrastructure.

It's quite possible that your contacts are outgrowing their existing IT infrastructure without realizing it. Tell them what signs they should to look for so they know when to seek a better solution. And of course, encourage them to reach out to you for a quick assessment. This hint will lay down groundwork for 2016 IT budget questions that your prospects and clients will think about in the next few months.

Quick note: you should follow up with anyone who reads this article because they may be experiencing IT pain that you can heal.

3. Tell people about Office 2016.

Is it time to upgrade? With Office 2016 rolling out, your contacts are probably wondering whether they should upgrade - and which versions of older Office products are compatible with Windows 10. Give them the insights they need. It will make you look like the IT expert that you are.

After you share useful tips with your contacts, be sure to track their engagement so you know whether it's time to follow up with a prospect you've been nurturing.

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