Cloud Storage Prospects Looking for Nirvanix Alternatives ASAP

Posted on Sep 23, 2013 · No Comments

The news spread pretty fast in the tech rags: Nirvanix closing it cloud storage business and telling customers to find alternatives by September 30, 2013, a deadline later extended to October 15, 2013. Still, this leaves just weeks for all of Nirvanix's clients and partners to find replacement services and move their data.

If you offer cloud storage, this could be a boon to your business if you can get Nivanix's customers to find your cloud storage solutions. Here are 4 ways to get in front of potential clients in this rapid, time-sensitive race:

1. Post articles on your web site (or blog) that contain "Nirvanix alternatives" or "Nirvanix cloud storage alternatives" in the title and body text. You can do this almost instantly using Presstacular's vast library of articles. Just login to your account and click your newsletter template, then select one of our articles on cloud storage or cloud computing and  use the "Edit Copy" option to add in keywords related to the Nirvanix shutdown. Include your metropolitan city in your added keywords to enhance your local search listings, for example: "Nirvanix alternatives <your city>". Not a Presstacular client yet? We can get you set up pretty quickly: get a demo.

2. Advertise on Google Adwords for the term "Nirvanix Alternatives" or "Nirvanix Replacements" or related terms. The customers who are being displaced may do web searches to find options due to the quick timeline. This can give you exposure to prospects as they seek out options.

3. Create and publish a checklist: How to Transition Your Data Out of Nirvanix. Think about what it would take to get a Nirvanix customer to transition to your services. Write it up, including each step they would have to take and how you would provision their account with your cloud storage services. Post this checklist on your site so Google can index it. The easier you make it on a prospect to understand what to do — and checklists do this very well — the better your chances of landing a new client who is looking to make the switch.

4. Participate in  online discussions regarding the shutdown. Sites like Talkin Cloud, InformationWeek, eWeek and many others have ongoing dialogs about Nirvanix's actions and what this can mean to cloud customers. By getting your name out there as an expert source, some prospects could see you as an option for their cloud storage needs.

Remember, there's a deadline here. If you wait too long to get your strategy in place, you will miss out on the many Nirvanix customers scrambling to figure out their next steps.