Copy/Paste This Security Alert About STRONTIUM

Posted on Nov 02, 2016 · 2 Comments

On Monday, October 31, 2016, Google reported that it disclosed a security flaw in Windows and Flash to Microsoft and Adobe. Adobe provided a patch last week. Microsoft, who claims that a Russian hacker group they call STRONTIUM exploited the flaw, plans to release their fix on November 8, 2016, Patch Tuesday.

Since hackers are already exploiting this security flaw, your contacts – including your clients – are at risk.

Use This News to Get More Business

This is a newsjacking opportunity.  Send an alert today and offer guidance.

The timing of your alert is critical. The first to educate your contacts, including your clients, will have the leverage in starting conversations that can lead to sales. Don't wait to send this alert later. Do it as soon as you can – before a competitor does.

We've drafted text that you can copy/paste below. Edit the text to fit your business (the FNAME tag can be your recipient's first name or mail merge tag in whatever tool you use to send your alert).

Email Subject Line:

Important Security Alert for Microsoft Windows and Adobe Flash

Message Text:


On Monday, Google reported that it disclosed a security flaw to Microsoft and Adobe in mid-October. Adobe has already released a patch. Microsoft plans to release theirs next Tuesday, November 8.

Since hackers are already exploiting this flaw, your systems may be at risk.

Our clients can rest assured that we will apply the patches needed. If you are not yet a client, please contact us <link to your website's contact form> for a free consultation on what you can do to keep your systems secure.

Please share this alert with your colleagues who may also be affected.

At the end of your alert, be sure to include all of your contact information: your name, email and phone number. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to reach you.

How to Get This Alert Out Fast

Using an email marketing/newsletter tool will allow you to notify all of your contacts immediately AND see who is clicking on the links. This will show you who is interested, even if they don't contact you right away. Use this insight to decide whether you should be proactive and reach out to them.

strontium security alert sample text

Our clients can do this in about 2 minutes with their Presstacular or Curated Newsletters account:

  1. Login and click the custom email template we designed for you.
  2. Copy/paste the text above. Edit it as you wish. Leave the FNAME mail merge tag in place. It will automatically personalize your message for each recipient and use "Hello" in case you don't have someone's first name.
  3. Highlight the text to contact you and link it to your website's contact form or to your email address (your account has options for both). Edit out the part that reads "<link to your website's contact form>" - sometimes people forget to remove that.
  4. Click to send your alert. Then, monitor your reports.

What to Say When People Call

When you send an alert like this, your clients may call you to make sure everything is okay with their systems. This is a wonderful opportunity to reassure them. It will reinforce your expertise. They'll leave the conversation happy and comforted that they hired you, which makes it harder for competitors to steal them away.

Send your alert to people who are not yet your clients, too. Reach out to your LinkedIn connections or those you met during past networking events. They will appreciate the notice since it shows that you are watching out for their best interest.

If they contact you for guidance, talk about the following:

  • Ask if they have automatic updates set up for Windows and if they have updated Flash. If they don't know, offer to check for them.
  • Find out if they have a patch management strategy in place for this and future exploits.
  • Talk about the serious risks of not having patches automatically updated. Remind them of the attack recently on Dyn which shutdown Twitter and other services.
  • Tell them about ransomware and how hackers can encrypt files till you pay a ransom and how sometimes they even delete the files after you pay.
  • This leads to dialogs about remote monitoring and management, anti-virus and data backup.
  • If they aren't ready to engage your services, ask if they would like you to keep them updated about future security alerts and technology tips that can improve their productivity. Put them on your email newsletter list and stay in touch!

Newsjacking opportunities like this don't come around often. Use this one to gain more traction for your business.