eBay Hacked: Why You Should Alert Your Contacts

Posted on May 22, 2014 · No Comments

Yesterday, eBay reported that one of their databases was hacked, causing private data to be stolen. You can use this news as an opportunity to acquire additional consulting business or sell security products — even from your clients who do not use eBay.

What To Do

1. Draft an alert about the eBay hack.

2. Email the alert to your contacts.

3. Add a special note about your services, including a unique call to action that is related to this event.


1. Be concise, not too short, not too wordy.

2. Make sure you have a call-out for people who are not eBay users. Otherwise, you will miss the opportunity to reach a broader audience.

3. Make sure you include a strong call-to-action that ties in one of your products or services.

Presstacular clients can use our pre-written text about this hack along with the email delivery and tracking tools within their account. Our text includes relevant details about the breach, what affected users should do, PLUS a special note for those who do not have an eBay account.

We've included a strong call to action to get recipients to contact you for consulting work. Using Presstacular, you will be done in 5 minutes — no writing or formatting needed since that's part of our service.

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