How to Use Weather Forecasts to Get More Data Backup Clients

Posted on Jan 20, 2016 · Comments Off on How to Use Weather Forecasts to Get More Data Backup Clients

When storms or other bad weather events take over the news, most people go to the grocery store and buy milk, bread, eggs, and so on to get prepared. They often forget about things they need to do to prepare their business to make sure they don't lose their data and minimize downtime.

What to Tell Your Contacts Right Now

You can use the news about impending bad weather to your advantage to sell your IT services, particularly data backup. As soon as you start hearing news about a storm coming to your area, do this:

  • Send your contacts an alert about specific things they can do to secure their business to maintain continuity in case of power outages or blocked roads that prevent access to their office.
  • Offer a free assessment to make sure they are in good shape for the storm.

Don't wait to send this out. Get ahead of the news by a few days so your contacts have time to reach out to you. The people you send your alert to will appreciate that you thought of them. You might get new data backup business as a result of your quick, responsive action.

Even if you are not able to sell them your data backup services right away, you have opened a trusted line of communication. This will portray your company as the IT experts you are and will create goodwill so that they will think of you for IT work in the future.

But It's Going to Be Sunny and Warm

If you're expecting warm sunny weather, you can still leverage the weather news. Tell your contacts about bad weather in other areas and recommend that they look at their business continuity options now so they can be prepared for the future.

Floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters can cause long-term power outages that can cripple a business. Be proactive and offer guidance. Your contacts will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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