Start IT Sales Conversations with This Timely Cloudbleed Alert

Posted on Feb 24, 2017 · No Comments

As an IT professional, you have probably heard about Cloudbleed, the latest Internet security issue that's making headlines today.

Your contacts rely on you to keep them up-to-date on IT issues. This is a big one so use the news to show them that you've got their back, even if they're using another IT company.

Send a Security Alert

This is a time-sensitive opportunity so you will need to move on this before the news dies down. Send a security alert to everyone you know. Here's what to put in it:

  • Use a catchy headline that gets readers' attention.
  • Tell them about the leak, what it means for them, and what they should do.
  • Include a call-to-action to encourage them to reach out to you for guidance, especially if they don't have a password management tool set up.
  • Encourage them to share the news with friends, which can lead to referral business for you.

By acting quickly, you'll come across as a reliable, well-informed IT expert. If some of your contacts are using other IT firms, they may start wondering why their provider isn't keeping them informed about important news like this, which can lead to sales conversations to switch to your company.

Get Pre-Written Text to Use Instantly

If you'd like help with this newsjacking opportunity, use Presstacular's IT marketing services. We've already written a strong headline and carefully-crafted messaging that you can copy/paste into an alert. Plus, we have the tools to get the news out immediately - and track who is interested in your alert.

Our clients have already received the exact text to use. In 2 minutes, they're able to create goodwill with all of their contacts and portray themselves as the "go to" source for IT expertise. Presstacular's pre-written text helps IT companies encourage referrals and attract new business.

Tight Marketing Budget?

For smaller IT companies with tighter budgets and less time to do marketing, use Curated Newsletters, a done-for-you monthly email newsletter service to keep your contacts informed about IT issues and keep your company top-of-mind.

When your contacts think of IT, you want them to think of your company first. Curated Newsletters will help you do that without the time and hassle of doing the work yourself. The upcoming curated newsletter, which goes out next week, includes the Cloudbleed alert with a call-to-action to help you start sales conversations and get more business.

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