Warning Your Clients About Java's Security Flaw

Posted on Jan 15, 2013 · No Comments

Copy and paste the text below to send to your IT clients about Java's security flaw. Suggested email subject line: "Warning About Java Security Flaw"

Hi, in response to a recent release by The Department of Homeland Security that users should remove the latest version of Java software, Oracle Corp. made an update to Java and provided instructions to raise the security. However, many experts are concerned that other security problems could arise and suggest that users disable Java even after installing the update.

Here are your options:

1) Disable Java in browsers. Select your web browser for instructions:

2) Uninstall Java completely

3) Unistall older versions of Java.

  • Oracle says that keeping old versions of Java "presents a serious security risk."

Note: The Java 7 security flaw does not affect JavaScript. JavaScript is used mostly within HTML to make web pages more interactive is independent from Java.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like assistance in making sure your computers are not at risk.

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