Are Managed Service Providers Able to Get Away for Vacation?

Posted on Apr 12, 2016 · 1 Comment

Thus far our poll has examined how IT professionals operate on a day to day basis whether it be the workday or weekend. However, we also realize that a major component of working habits is time spent away from the office on vacation or holiday leave. Does the technology service provider feel comfortable taking time off and if so, how much time do they actually take?

Our next several infographics have to do with time spent away from the office for holidays and vacation.


One-third of IT professionals polled say they are able to take about two weeks per year of holiday and vacation time. Twenty-two percent even manage to take upwards of three. Sadly, 13% don’t know the meaning of the word. Someone needs to talk to those guys and tell them to take a break!

Not everyone fully relaxes while away so we were curious as to how many IT professionals leave work completely behind or whether they simply bring their office with them. Perhaps a fraction of vacation time is devoted to work or maybe even more than that. You can find out the answer tomorrow!