Baseball, Hotdogs and Weekend Work

Posted on Apr 06, 2016 · No Comments

 The hard workweek of IT professionals does not conclude once the weekend arrives. Most continue to remain plugged in for at least a few hours over the weekend. The owners and executives particularly feel the need to continue working.

Once we found out that most IT professionals keep their pulse on the work place over the weekend, we were also curious as to the nature of that work so we asked them a few questions about the work they were performing. We specifically wanted to know whether the work on the weekend was of a similar nature to that during the week, or whether it covered tasks that were more strategic and growth-oriented rather than the day-to-day necessities of running an IT business. Looks like the weekend work for most does not vary.


Between ball games, technology service professionals also use weekend hours to catch up on their general office work. Over 42% say they spend time working on billables, operations, and strategics. Twenty percent stick strictly to strategics while only 14% manage to take the entire weekend off.

The weekends go by quickly and then another weekday starts, but when, exactly? That was our next question to IT professionals.