Do IT Professionals Check their Email When Waking Up and Heading to Bed?

Posted on Apr 11, 2016 · No Comments

Yesterday we found out that most technology service professionals prefer to call it a day before Midnight rolls around. We also found out that most have already begun at the office before 9 a.m. But before they've even left for work, have they already checked their emails? For most IT professionals that answer to that question is yes, with a start on emails as soon as their day begins.


Up comes the sun and so does the first check on messages for most managed service providers. An overwhelming majority report that every morning after waking they check emails on their phone. While they may not be in the office, they’re still plugged in and thinking about work. The same trend continues into the evening with ITers checking email on their phone before heading to bed.

Does the habit of checking emails continue even while IT professionals are on vacation or holiday time? Are they able to unplug and unwind or are they still connected to work? The next few blogs will focus on leave time for IT workers, whether they do take time off and how they handle work when they do.