Do Technology Service Professionals Take Weekends Off?

Posted on Apr 05, 2016 · No Comments

Yesterday's blog focused on the amount of hours IT professionals work in a given week. With easy access to email and work files, there’s no need to physically be in the office to get work accomplished. Since most technology service professionals work anywhere from 40 - 50 hours per week, we wondered how much of that falls during the weekend. That’s why we were curious as to how most technology service providers spend their weekends.


While IT professionals manage to take most of their weekend off, they do admit to logging in some work time. For most, the work consists of a few hours each weekend. Owners and execs don’t quite take it that easy with the majority working at least 3-5 hours between Saturday and Sunday. Around 19% work upwards of 6-8 hours over the weekend, almost an extra full day of work.

Is the work on the weekend crisis control or is there more to it than that? We asked managed service professionals the type of weekend work they did. We’ll highlight that tomorrow.