For IT Professionals, the Brown Bag Lunch Rules the Day

Posted on Apr 19, 2016 · No Comments

Yesterday's blog focused on the amount of coffee and tea IT professionals were in the habit of consuming. Most were very balanced, having just a few cups a day of coffee or tea. We wondered if the healthy habits continued with regards to lunch. In addition to hot beverage intake, we also asked IT workers if they made time for lunch and if so, how they went about it.


The brown bag is still the favorite go-to lunch for information technology professionals with close to half bringing lunch from home. About a third enjoy going out for lunch, a scant few have lunch delivered and around 11% forego lunch altogether. Doesn’t seem that their mother would be too pleased with that! The good news is that most technology service professionals fuel their bodies midday and take some time for that all-important nutritious break.

Perhaps in lieu of lunch, the no-lunch bunch goes out for a quick jog or spends time at the gym. Tomorrow we’ll see how important exercise is in the life of IT professionals.