How to Send a Holiday Card Using Presstacular

Posted on Dec 20, 2013 · No Comments

Here's how to send a holiday postcard from your Presstacular account. It's very quick — takes only 5 minutes from start to finish.

1. Login and click 'Create Message'.

2a. Select 'Start From Scratch' and pick the template that says 'Postcard'. Then:

  • Click the colors in the 'Themes' or use the 'Page' option to pick festive holiday colors for your background, maybe a little red and green.
  • Click to edit the Newsletter masthead and select 'Custom' — this will take you to the Image Gallery where you can pick the masthead we designed for you. Select your masthead for this message.

- OR -

2b. If we have already created a custom 'Postcard' or 'Announcement' template for you, use that (the layout of this email is the Announcement template).

3. If you have a holiday picture of your team or some other image you would like to use, click 'Edit' on the image block area. This takes you to the Image Gallery to add your picture, like ours of some bubbly with our logo cupcakes (yum!). If not, click 'Remove' to take out the image block area.

4. Edit the text boxes with your holiday message. Use something like "Happy Holidays from <your company name>!" or "Happy New Year!"

5. Click 'Next' and continue through the message sending process.

Happy holidays!