How to Spot Phishing Attacks - Marketing Kit Now Available

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Phishing scams are rampant. Help protect your clients and prospects by showing them how to spot a phishing attempt before it infiltrates their computers. When you educate them with easy-to-follow information, you will build trust and increase your chances to win more business.

Our new How to Spot Phishing Attacks Marketing Kit gives you the educational resources you need to show prospects how to protect themselves from this popular hacking technique. Use it to generate new IT leads for your company.

This IT marketing kit empowers you with the documents and slides to clearly explain what phishing is and provide practical solutions to avoid being a victim of an attack. Presenting this valuable information will highlight your knowledge and expertise about this hazardous cybersecurity threat.

The kit includes a white paper and PowerPoint slide deck entitled How to Spot Phishing Attacks and Defend Your Business against Them. You can easily edit each file to customize it for your IT business. Plus, you can post the white paper on your website as a lead magnet to capture contact information from visitors, giving you a stream of new qualified IT prospects.

Included in Presstacular’s How to Spot Phishing Attacks Marketing Kit:

  • 12-page white paper on the how to spot phishing attacks, including annotated screenshots that show readers exactly what to look for (.docx)
  • 36-slide PowerPoint presentation that you can use to give sales pitches, lunch-and-learn sessions, seminars and webinars (.pptx)
  • Written script to help book yourself as a speaker (just use the slide deck in the kit) - this is an excellent way to get in front of many qualified prospects at once
  • A "how to" guide to use the marketing kit to your full advantage

It took our editorial team over 200 person-hours to put this marketing kit together. Instead of spending laborious time writing all of this material yourself, this kit instantly puts educational marketing content at your fingertips.

Using this marketing kit can help you get in front of new qualified prospects and close more IT sales.

Ways You Can Edit the White Paper and Slide Deck:

  • Microsoft Word and PowerPoint formats let you make any edits you would like
  • Add your logo and contact information
  • Add a note about your IT services
  • Add a quick description (two or three lines is fine) about a project you did
  • Include client testimonials about your service
  • Save the white paper as a PDF for distribution to your prospects and clients
  • Use the PowerPoint slides to give presentations at association events - and offer the white paper as giveaway incentive for attending

Even if a prospect does not read entire the white paper, the fact that you provided it positions your company as an expert resource. You'll stand out far above your competition and get a winning edge when you compete for bids.

How to Use the Kit

Prospects will buy from you if they trust you. You can build that trust by being the company that educates them about IT issues they face. This guide is a reference that they will keep handy, even if they are not ready to buy your services yet.

Plus, you can use it as a reason to reconnect with leads that have gone cold. Just email them a note that reads:

Hi <first name>, I thought you might like to see a new guide we just released on how to spot a phishing attack. It shows you how to protect yourself from this popular hacking technique. Would you like a complimentary copy?

It's much more effective than a typical follow-up email that says "just checking in."

How to Get the Kit

This kit is available to our Gold and Platinum clients as part of their Presstacular subscription. It is not available for purchase separately.

If you are not yet a Presstacular Gold or Platinum client and are interested in getting the How to Spot Phishing Attacks Marketing Kit, please click here to set up a demo:

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