Is It Java, Tea or Water for Most Information Technology Professionals?

Posted on Apr 18, 2016 · No Comments

There is such encouraging news about the growth of the IT industry. Business is growing and thriving. With all the hours and hard work It professionals are putting into the growth of their business, we wondered about how they fueled their ambition...literally! That led us to ask our next series of questions which focus on eating and exercise. More specifically, today's infographic asks about what managed service providers prefer to drink. Does coffee by the pot keep them going or do most act in moderation?


Of the IT professionals that were polled, two cups of coffee or tea seems to be the limit. Twenty percent have none and a few overindulge a bit, consuming over four cups a day. So whatever success is happening, it's not due to the bottomless coffee cup.

Perhaps it’s a fancy lunch that spurs on IT workers, or is it a quick grab and go? We’ll examine the lunch habits of IT professionals tomorrow.