Kapow! 🎉 Presstacular Now Supports International Characters and Emojis

Posted on Dec 31, 2015 · No Comments

A few days ago, we released an update that we have been working on in Q4 of 2015: UTF-8 character encoding. We can now process unicode characters throughout most areas of our application. This means you can use international (non-English) characters — as well as symbols and emojis — within subject lines, list descriptions, signup form fields, categories, list upload files, and message content including any updates you make to the articles included within Presstacular and posted to your Prestoblog™.

So, if one of your contacts has a name that contains non-English characters, such as those with accents, you can store and use their name in mail merges properly.

Another side to this is the use of emojis. You might have seen other people send you emails that contain emoji characters 🍀. Some are using these as a way to draw more attention to their email subject lines in an attempt to increase open rates. We're not sure if this is a fad, a trend, or a new way to boost email responses. We'll keep an eye on it. Meanwhile, don't go bananas using emojis 🍌. Use them to enhance the meaning of your message, not as a gimmick.


Some other upgrades we introduced in this release:

  • Refined some of our knowledgebase items to be more clear and contain updated information.
  • Enhanced the functionality of our custom color picker which is used within our MessageMaker™ template editor. Although we make custom templates for our Presstacular clients, if you use one of our start-from-scratch templates to create a new template or email message, you will find our color picker updates to be handy.
  • Made tweaks so that the website renders better within Internet Explorer 10 and 11.

Wishing you all the best for a spectacular 2016!