MSP Business: An Upward Growth Trend

Posted on Apr 14, 2016 · No Comments

IT professionals are working diligently on their businesses. Most work over 40 hours a week and for many, the work continues on the weekend and even during their time off. With all the hours and effort invested in their businesses, we wanted to know if It professionals were experiencing growth.  We decided to get down to brass tacks with our next question: how is business going? We are pleased with the answer and think you will be too.


There is encouraging news from those in the IT industry: business is prospering. An overwhelming number of those polled reported an upward trend in growth for their business. In fact, over 80% say that business has increased. A mere 12% report that business has remained stagnant and only 7% report a decrease in business growth.

Knowing how many technology service professionals have experienced growth is extremely noteworthy but it doesn't answer exactly how much growth has occurred. We wanted to know that too, so as soon as we asked whether IT professionals saw their business grow, we asked them to tell us how much. If you’re interested in a more complete picture of their business growth, check out tomorrow’s blog.