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MSP marketing doesn't have to be hard. If you're like many managed service providers, you are a technical person who is trying to grow a business. Marketing may be out of your comfort zone. Or you are a sales or marketing person hired by a technical business owner to grow the company. You may have many other tasks pulling you in different directions so might not have the time or resources to do marketing consistently.

Our MSP marketing book is here to help. We just released the online version which is adapted and condensed from the #1 Amazon bestseller, The IT Marketing Crash Course. It will show you exactly how to find new IT clients and grow your MSP sales.

IT Marketing Crash Course

MSP Marketing Strategies This Book Covers

Specific MSP marketing strategies and tactics you will learn:

  • Proven tactics that can double, even triple, your influx of qualified leads
  • What to put on your website to attract new IT prospects
  • The best hooks to encourage web visitors to fill out your contact form
  • Where to go to find new prospects that are just like your best clients
  • How to avoid chasing leads that go nowhere so you can spend your time focusing on the most qualified opportunities
  • Exactly what to say at meetings to get prospects to reveal their true needs
  • The most efficient MSP marketing techniques to stay top-of-mind with your contacts so they think of you first for IT support and services
  • How to convert a passing conversation at a networking event into a potential lead
  • Specific incentives that encourage your clients and friends to give you more referrals

MSP Marketing - Read the book online now

Bonus: download our free 12-month IT marketing plan template to create your own customized marketing plan. It's a checklist of specific activities you can do each month to get more MSP leads.

Download Marketing Plan Template