New Marketing Kit to Help Educate Prospects on IT Support Costs

Posted on Dec 01, 2015 · No Comments

We just released a new marketing kit to help you get more MSP clients.

Our new MSP Cost Analysis Marketing Kit will help you educate prospects on different types of IT options and what they can cost. It will help you convince your prospects that hiring you to be their MSP is the way to go.

You can edit the white paper, Understanding the True Costs of Your IT Management Options (and accompanying PowerPoint slide deck), so that the numbers and other information aligns with your business model. Use the white paper to capture contact information from web site visitors.

Content includes:

Defining the IT Management Strategies

  • In house
  • Break-Fix
  • Managed Services


Defining the Costs of IT Management

  • Labor Costs
  • Infrastructure Costs
  • Costs from Downtime and Poor Performance
  • Comparing the Costs of the IT Management Strategies


Costs of the In-House Strategy

  • Labor Costs
  • Costs from Downtime and Poor Performance


Costs of the Break-Fix Strategy

  • Labor Costs
  • Costs from Downtime and Poor Performance


Costs of the Managed Services Strategy

  • Labor Costs
  • Costs from Downtime and Poor Performance


Which Strategy Is Best?


Get the Right Advice



  • Includes Quick Reference chart that compares the three main IT management strategies


Use the white paper as a "leave behind" after prospect meetings, as an incentive to join your email list, as something to mail out to clients and prospects, and as a bonus to attend a presentation on IT costs that you give using the slide PowerPoint slide deck we include in the kit.


More about the white paper:

  • Microsoft Word format lets you make any edits you would like.
  • Add your logo and contact information.
  • Add a note about your IT services.
  • Add a quick description (two or three lines is fine) about a project you did.
  • Include client testimonials about your service.
  • Save it as a PDF for distribution to your prospects and clients.
  • Even if your prospect did not read entire the white paper, the fact that you provided it positions your company as an expert resource.


White paper stats:

  • 11 pages total, including cover
  • 3,480 words
  • MS-Word format (fully editable)


What else is included in Presstacular’s MSP Cost Analysis Marketing Kit:

  • 11-page white paper on the costs of IT options (.docx)
  • 17-slide PowerPoint presentation for sales pitches, seminars and webinars (.pptx)
  • 4 printable articles on various data backup topics (.docx)
  • Written script to help book speaking engagements for the included slide presentation


How to get the kit:

This kit is available to Presstacular Gold and Platinum subscribers. Want to see a snippet of the white paper?

Contact us today so you can start marketing right away.