Our Most Popular MSP Marketing Articles of 2016

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Happy New Year!

As we prepared to dive into 2017, we took a look at the most popular articles we published in 2016. It's always interesting to reflect back on the last year when planning for the next one. This year, we will be adding more MSP marketing tips and webinars to help you grow your business. We'd love to hear your feedback!

Here are our top 10 MSP marketing posts from 2016, plus a link to download our newly updated IT Marketing Plan Template. Reading these tips is like getting a condensed session of expert marketing advice for free and the marketing plan template will help you shape your 2017 strategy.

1. 7 Good Opening Sentences for MSP Marketing Campaigns

The opening sentence of your email marketing campaign can greatly impact your email's effectiveness. Learn proven strategies and see examples of how to get your email off to a successful start.

2. How to Find Niche Markets That Need Your MSP Services

It's often difficult to develop new leads and grow your business. One great way to find new prospects is to determine your company's niche. When you realize your specialty, you'll know how to target your marketing.

3. Why You Shouldn't Call Yourself a Managed Service Provider

Using the right terminology is critical in determining how you'll be ranked on Google. Here are some tips on how to help your company be found with an internet search.

 4. How to Convince a Prospect That They Really Need IT Help

It can be so frustrating. You meet a prospect and know how much they could benefit from using your services but they just don't get it. Try these suggestions to keep the conversation going.

5. Start Generating Leads From Your Website in 8 Minutes

We've developed an excellent way to help your website generate new leads. The great thing is that it takes just a few minutes to implement.

6. Where to Get Free Stock Images for Your Newsletter and Website

Adding a photo to your newsletter or website really helps capture the attention of readers. There are some fantastic websites that can provide you with ample high quality photos free of charge.

7. How to Ask for a Client Testimonial

Using client testimonials to promote your business is highly effective but can be very intimidating to acquire. Learn some strategies on exactly when and how to approach your client for their recommendation.

8. Top 10 MSP Marketing Activities to Do on a Weekend – or Vacation

You may not think of time away from the office as a good time to focus on marketing but it is often in the most relaxed settings that we're at our best. If you do find yourself thinking about your business, we've got some ideas of things you can do to benefit from your relaxed state-of-mind.

9. How to Host a Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learns are a fun and casual way to meet new prospects, build rapport and provide them with valuable learning. We explain exactly how to go about planning yours.

10. A Complete Infographic on the Work and Lifestyle Habits of IT Professionals

We really like what we do and wanted to see if other IT professionals felt the same. We were also curious about MSPs in general and what commonalities we all share. Then we took the results and placed it in one detailed infographic to share with others.

Implementing even just a few of our tried and true strategies can reap great results.

Get a Sample IT Marketing Plan Template

Creating your 2017 marketing plan is easy when you have a template that you can customize for your business (or use right out of the box if you're looking for ideas). Use our free template to get a jump start:

It will help you grow in 2017!