Quantitative Growth in the MSP Industry: How Much Is Business Growing?

Posted on Apr 15, 2016 · No Comments

There is exciting news for IT professionals: their businesses are growing. Over 80% polled reported growth in the last calendar year. Growth in the industry is of course, great news. Even better news is the rate in which the industry has grown for most managed service providers.


Not only did business grow for IT professionals but for over a third of businesses it grew 20% or more. Twenty-four percent indicated a growth of 10-19% and the same was recorded for growth of less than 10%. Regardless of the rate of growth, most IT professionals have experienced some upward trend in business. For the few that reported a loss in business, the vast majority saw business falling slightly. In other words, of the 7% that did see a decrease in business, only 2.7% saw a loss of over 20%. The rest reported much less of a loss with 2.7% reporting a scant decrease in business. The overall picture is extremely strong for most in the IT industry who are not only experiencing growth but significant growth at that.

We know how hard technology service professionals work but how does this effect their health habits? Is this upward trend due to that extra jolt of java in the afternoon? Tomorrow we’ll provide the answer.