Technology Service Professionals Prove to Be Active with Exercise. 5K Anyone?

Posted on Apr 20, 2016 · No Comments

The last few infographics we have posted have been concerned with the health habits of IT professionals. This has included when they get to bed, how much coffee or tea they consume, and whether they spend time to take lunch. We even asked whether they routinely eat out or bring something from home. Our final question about lifestyle habits has to deal with exercise. Are information technology professionals in the habit of exercising and if so, how often?


Even with the demands of a growing and time-consuming business, almost half of technology service professionals make time for physical exercise several times a week. Nearly 12 percent of the group manage to exercise on a daily basis. Not too bad! Of the total group polled about 75% manage some form of exercise at least once per week. Looks like the other 25% need to get with the program!

Now that we've discussed all of our poll questions individually, tomorrow we will present the information all together in one complete infographic. Be on the lookout for tomorrow's blog  as we unveil the full infographic!