The Lifestyle Trends of IT Professionals

Posted on Apr 04, 2016 · 1 Comment

Have you ever wondered if other IT professionals have the same habits and traits that you or your company has? We sure have! As a result, we conducted a poll and created some infographics to illustrate lifestyle trends of those working in information technology. Today we’ll highlight how many hours IT professionals work in a given week. Other topics will include work on weekends, time spent on vacation, lunch habits, exercise and more. Watch each day for a new portion of information.

IT Professionals: Slaving at Their Jobs or Working the Same as the Average Joe?

Does your information technology profession routinely have you working an eight-hour day? How about 10? The first question posed in our poll to our IT Professionals asked them about their average workweek. Here’s what we found out:


Most IT professionals seem to have a fairly balanced workweek, mimicking those of a traditional workweek. One-third of team members fall in at 40-45 hours per week while another third work between 45 and 50 hours. Some owners and executives manage to stay within the 40 hour workweek but almost as many work closer to 55 hours per week than 40.

But how about the weekend? Does the work continue? View tomorrow’s infographic for the answers.