Using Presstacular's WindowsXP Marketing Kit to Get More IT Contracts Fast

Posted on Feb 21, 2014 · No Comments

Presstacular's Windows XP Marketing Kit includes:

  • 8-page white paper entitled "How Windows XP End of Support Will Impact Your Business"
  • 26-slide PowerPoint presentation to use in client pitches, seminars and webinars
  • sample scripts to use to book speaking engagements

With the clock ticking on the Windows XP End of Support opportunity, here are tips on using the kit to grow your business very quickly:

White Paper (.docx file):

  1. Put your logo and contact info on the cover (use a real person's name, not a generic company contact).
  2. Save it as a PDF file for distribution to clients and prospects.
  3. Even if you have taken care of WinXP for all of your clients, email your entire list with the following message (tweak as you see fit):

Email subject line:

Important Windows Security Note — Please Share with Friends/Colleagues

Email text:

Hi, I wanted to alert you about an important security issue that will affect nearly 1/3 of the world's PCs on April 8, 2014. Microsoft is discontinuing support for WindowsXP on that date and many pundits expect a rash of XP-related malware to be released almost immediately as Microsoft stops providing security patches.If you know of anyone, even your friends or colleagues at other companies, who is still using WindowsXP, please let them know about this important security issue. It can cause havoc and make their computers a hacker's paradise.

We have an informative guide to help organizations understand the effect this will have and what they can do about it:

White Paper — How Windows XP End of Support Will Impact Your Business: What You Must Do to Keep Your Business Secure

Please email/call me and I will be happy to send you or your friends/colleagues a copy.

<your signature line>

Sample Scripts:

  1. Google the contact information for your local professional associations. Examples: Chamber of Commerce, doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, manufacturers, construction, architects, interior design firms, any group that comprises your target market.
  2. Email or call them using the script in order to get booked as a speaker at an upcoming event.
  3. Book as many speaking engagements, seminars, webinars as you can. People who attend will usually be pre-qualified prospects for you.
  4. Email your list to announce where/when you will be speaking.

PowerPoint (.pptx file):

  1. Put your logo and contact info on the first and last slides (use a real person's name, not a generic company contact).
  2. Add information about your company in the end of the presentation, just one slide only.
  3. Change the .pptx theme to match your company's colors — or use any theme you like.
  4. Tweak the presentation to fit your products and services. Add or remove slides and practice making an educational presentation before you give it to a live audience.
  5. Ask attendees for their business card so you can send them your white paper/guide.

Be sure to upload all of your new contacts into your Presstacular account so you can nurture them with follow up emails and newsletters.

Get started this week! The clock on this opportunity is ticking fast.

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