36% of Leads are Never Called​

Posted on Mar 19, 2015 · No Comments

If your marketing doesn't align with your sales process, you will lose opportunities. Far too often, we know something yet act differently.

A while back, Forbes reported on a study revealing that 36% of leads are never called. That's more than 1 out of every 3 leads! They found that "nearly 36% of those audited never responded to a submitted lead during the entire two-week tracking period. To restate this, a large amount of marketing budget spent on generating web-leads simply decays with no value because no one bothered to follow up on those leads."

The Email Marketing and Sales Disconnect

Your marketing efforts, like sending email newsletters, security alerts, white papers (all of the things that Presstacular provides) are designed to generate leads. Your sales efforts are supposed to convert those leads into paying customers. If you don't follow up marketing with sales, you are losing sales that were ripe for the picking.

I recently got an email from a company offering to create an eBook edition of my print book, The IT Marketing Crash Course: How to Get Clients for Your Technology Business that has reached #1 on Amazon in multiple categories numerous times. I wanted to make some updates to the Kindle version but was strapped for time. So when an email marketing campaign about Kindle book editing arrived in my inbox around lunchtime, it resonated with me. Although it was addressed "Dear Valued Customer," which is probably not the best way to start an email message, I clicked to contact them. Then I waited for a response.

Several hours later, I was still waiting so I figured I would call.  Their email was sent by one person but directed the reader to contact a different person. I located both of their phone numbers, tried to call and ended up leaving voicemails since nobody was available. In my message, I told them I was ready to move on this right away.

A day later... still no response. No returned calls. No returned emails. A week later... radio silence.

So what gives? For this company, there is a clear disconnect between marketing and sales. Their marketing campaign was designed to bring in leads. That's the job of marketing and it worked. But it appears that their marketing team did not coordinate with their sales team. When that happens, all of the hot leads you get go to waste. Those with urgent needs will find another vendor if you don't respond to sales inquiries quickly.

Reflect On Your Marketing-Sales Connection

As you roll out your marketing and sales efforts this year, think about your entire sales process, not just your promotional marketing pieces. Be sure that everyone in your chain of customer touch points knows what promotions you are sending, when they are going out, and how to respond to inquiries. Don't let the marketing-sales disconnect result in lost sales. Follow up on your leads — don't drop 36% of them!