Always Ask This Question at Every Initial Sales Meeting

Posted on Feb 01, 2016 · No Comments

When you go to an initial IT sales meeting with prospect, you probably come prepared with a list of questions designed to uncover information about their IT needs. You look for opportunities to improve their business processes using technology, ensure their systems have the necessary patches, evaluate network and data security, explore data backup and remote access options, and more.

The Burning Sales Question

At this initial IT sales meeting, most MSPs take detailed notes and then submit a proposal. The question is: how do know that you submitted your proposal to the right person? Even if you were talking to the company president, that doesn't necessarily mean he or she makes the final purchase decision for IT services.

To help you make sure you are reaching the right person, always ask this question:

What is the buying process for IT services at your organization?

At first look, you might feel uncomfortable asking this question. You might think it may be a little over-the-top, especially for the first meeting. You shouldn't worry. It's perfectly okay to ask this question – after all, you are there to show that your IT services can benefit their organization. They would not have taken your meeting if they were not interested and I doubt they thought you were providing IT services for free.

Depending on their response, you might want to follow up with a few other questions:

Who else needs to be involved?

Should we bring them into this meeting?

What does your timeline for this project look like?

Is there a date by which you would like to see all of this implemented? What happens if it is not implemented by this date?

Hopefully, before you booked the meeting you were able to get all of the final decision makers and influencers in the room to make your pitch. During the meeting, it's always good to verify that you are talking to all the right people by asking who else would need to be involved in buying your IT services.

You will also get a sense of whether implementing your IT services is a priority for them when you ask about their timeline and deadline. If you find out that there are no real consequences if they don't implement your project by a specific date, there is a risk that they won't make a decision anytime soon and may focus on other projects before they get to yours.

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