The Best Response to "Do you do... ?"

Posted on Jun 02, 2015 · No Comments

Sometimes, before or during a sales meeting, a prospect will ask you, "Do you do XYZ?" as in "Do you do data backup?" or "Do you keep computer networks up and running?"

You may be tempted to jump right in and say "yes" and then rattle off a list of your services. The prospect might even be responding to your words by nodding their head or agreeing with your dialog. Unfortunately, that means you're doing most of the talking.

Watch the 1-minute video on how to respond to this question

When you submit your proposal, your solution may not resonate completely with your prospect. You may have missed out on some key points because you were focused on making your sales pitch.

Your goal before and during a sales meeting is to get the prospect to reveal more about what they need so you can propose the best solution for them. That means you need to get them talking and you need to be listening.

So, instead of describing your services when you are asked a question like "Do you do XYZ?" say this:

"Tell me more about what you're looking to do."

This does two things:

  1. It gets you to stop talking and start listening more.
  2. It gives your prospect an opportunity to articulate their thoughts while you take detailed notes to include in your proposal, giving it an edge over stock text.

This discovery-type response allows your meeting to become more of a conversation than a pitch. It subconsciously demonstrates that you want to listen to the prospect, making them feel important and heard.

You will uncover much more information with this question than if you did all the talking about your services. When you put the prospect's words into your proposal instead of using your standard boilerplate text, you have a much stronger chance of closing the sale.