Make This Simple Website Change to Get More Local Leads

Posted on Aug 18, 2015 · 1 Comment

I talk with MSPs every day and many want to make changes to their websites. When I dig deeper to find out what they would like to modify, it is usually the site design. The problem with this viewpoint is that Google doesn't really care about how your site looks. It doesn't see the pretty graphics, the nice pictures, or the fancy logo. It looks for relevance to what a Google user typed into their search box.

Outsmarting Your Competitors

There is a LOT that goes into search engine optimization (SEO) — too much to go into in one blog post. Yet there is one tactic that most companies overlook: localization. In a recent post on Reddit, an IT company shared a tip on how they got 10 new calls from prospects within 3 days of making one tweak to their website, outranking the 30+ other IT companies around their city.

They had created pages for their site that targeted a specific city and included titles like "laptop repair in <city>". The challenge was that there were quite a few competitors also ranking well on Google for that particular city. So, they added the names of smaller nearby cities to the footer of their website.

New Leads from Nearby Towns

Now, instead of just focusing on the major city in their geographical area, Google saw that they also served quite a few nearby towns. When people in those towns did searches, this IT company was displayed very high on Google's search results page. This generated calls from new leads within days of making this website change.

Note that this change had nothing to do with the way their website looked. They didn't update their graphics or site design. They just made it easier for Google to recognize that they serve the other small cities in the area. You can even include neighborhood names within a large city so that your site ranks well when someone searches using a neighborhood name.

Give it a try. Pick 6–10 nearby cities (or neighborhoods within a big city), then add them to the footer of your website and see what happens — and tell us how it's working for you.

Adding Rich Content to Your website

The fact that this company had other content on their site helped a lot, too. You can add more material to your site using Presstacular's content library. Edit our articles to add in your geographic area to help with local searches. You can even include client testimonials or a few sentences about a successful project.