What Prospects Look for on Your MSP Website

Posted on Mar 22, 2016 · 2 Comments

Many business owners are unhappy with their MSP website. Before you jump into making drastic changes, think about the last time you bought a car. Did you look at the brochure or website and say to yourself "Wow, this site has a lot of pretty pictures, it has an attractive modern design, it's got a really nice description... I've got to buy this car!"?  No, you probably didn't do that. Nobody does.

What Really Drives People to Buy MSP Services

When organizations buy your IT services, they are not thinking to themselves "This MSP website looks amazing... I've got to use them for my IT needs."

People buy MSP services based on trust, not based on an attractive website design.

If you don't like the look of your MSP website, ask yourself two questions to test whether you really need to invest any money to revamp it:

  1. If I redesign my website, will I only post newer descriptions of my services? Or will I post IT tips and insights that prospects would find useful for their business (this is very different than posting service descriptions)?
  2. Am I tired of the look and feel because I've seen the same old site for years and I want a refresh?

Let's dissect what this means in terms of building a new MSP website. If your goal is to post more detailed information about your services and have a prettier design, will that be enough of a differentiator to prompt the visitor to reach out to you? It is probably not going to be enough.

Adding longer service descriptions about your MSP business won't build trust. And trust is the #1 deciding factor in whether an IT prospect hires you or not. When you post educational information, such as tips, checklists, guides, and other material that will help your prospect solve a problem they are dealing with, you build trust.

Good content trumps good design every time.

Often, the driving motivation for an MSP business to change their website is that they want to look at something new. Here's the rub: if you are not getting a lot of traffic to your site, and especially if you are not getting many people to reach out to you from your contact form, that means the few web visitors you get are seeing your site for the first time. They aren't tired of the design.

Popular Websites That Haven't Changed in Years

Unless you offer website development services, it is very unlikely visitors are leaving your site because of your design.

Want proof? Take a look at Craigslist, Google and other sites that haven't updated their design in over 15 years. Each of these sites gets millions of visitors every month. People are not leaving because of the design. They are flocking to these sites in droves because they offer valuable content that they find helpful or interesting, something that every web visitor is seeking.

CraigsList, circa 2000

CraigsList, circa 2000

craigslist 2016

CraigsList today

Here's more proof: visit AskLeo. Leo Notenboom provides loads of advice about computers. If you had an IT question and found his website, you wouldn't leave. There is so much valuable information. In fact, you would probably want to hire Leo. Sure, he could spend time and money making the site look different. But why? Nobody would care. People want to read his insights so they can fix their computer issues. Changing the design won't have an impact on the value of his services.

askleo website

AskLeo.com, simple website design; great content that also provides an incentive for visitors to sign up for the newsletter

Leo uses the content on his site to encourage readers to sign up for his newsletter. He does this by including an incentive to subscribe. Read more on how to create a lead capture page for your MSP website.

Even more proof that your site design plays a very small role: think about Reddit and other forums where people share information. They look very cluttered, but again nobody cares about the design. They visit the site because it provides the information they are looking for. Visitors return regularly to see what new posts might interest them.

Don't Wait for a Site Redesign to Market Your MSP Business

If you are holding back on launching a marketing initiative until your website is redesigned, stop dragging your feet. Your new design will have no impact on whether someone will buy your IT services. It will only delay the time it takes to get your marketing momentum moving enough to start bringing in MSP leads.

You will get so much more value by investing in educational material for your site than you will by making it look different than it does right now.

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