Why You Shouldn't Call Yourself a Managed Service Provider

Posted on Aug 22, 2016 · 2 Comments

If you call yourself a managed service provider, you might want to rethink the words you use to position yourself to prospects.

Here’s why: ideally, whatever you call yourself, you want to be found on Google for it.

To help figure out the right words, I dug deeper to determine a data driven decision. Here's what I found based on the number Google searches for a particular term each month:

  • 3,600 - managed services (this includes all types of managed services, not just IT)
  • 1,600 - managed service provider (again, this could mean other types of managed services, too)
  • 1,100 - managed IT services
  • 110 - managed IT support

When you pull out the word "managed", things change quite a bit for the support and services keywords:

  • 4,400 - IT support
  • 3,600 - IT services
  • 1,900 - computer support
  • 1,900 - IT consultant
  • 590 - computer consultant

You can see that there are significantly more searches being done on terms related IT support and IT services than on managed services.

In other words, many prospects don’t know what managed service provider means. More importantly, most of your prospects are typing in words other than “managed service provider” when they seek out the IT services that you provide.

The words you use in your marketing, including your website, should align your services with what people are searching for. This means you might want adjust your web site's <title> tag and page text to focus on the terms someone might search on.

When you analyze the data above, calling yourself a managed service provider appears to be fine - people do search on the term - as long as you also add web pages or content that talk about the IT support you do since more people search on those terms.

Read about most important text on your MSP website and a very simple set of words that will help you attract more local web leads.

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